We've been dating for over a year

I've Been Dating This Guy For Almost A Year. I Want To Be His. This is something he should work on, not hide from. I've been dating this guy for almost a year. i want to be his girlfriend edited. so i was introduced to this guy by a mutual friend almost a year ago and we had. he didn't think i was over my ex. i started to become co-dependent on him, that i.

To The Girls Who Have “Almost” Boyfriends Thought Catalog How long should I give it before moving on, even though our relationship is otherwise perfect? Maybe you have been “talking” for a while now, days, weeks. assumed that you two are dating because he likes you THAT much. Because if it's been over eht months and nothing has changed chances are it never will. Almost 2 years since we started talking but we've known each other for 5 years.

I'm 21 and my boyfriend is 24, we've been dating for over a. I feel like I haven't gotten honest advice from friends or family and would appreciate an upfront answer."Here's my answer... I'm only 21 but I've had long relationship after long relationship with maybe 6+ months in-between each of them since I was a freshman in HS. I'm.

We've been dating for over a year:

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